6666 Skellies rising from the blockchain for 0.1eth. They will be your companions forever for the upcoming Rise of The Necroz P2E Game.

Minting in February/March.


Spookie Catacomb RoadMap

This is the dynamic roadmap for Spookie Skellies to open the catacombs portal and reach the surface. Future implementations and post mint activities beyond development or Rise of the Necroz are in progress.

The Portal Opens


The catacombs portal to the ethereum blockchain has been finally identified and the Necromancer pass is finally available to Mint. By owning one you'll be able to freely mint a Spookie Skelly.

Rise of The Skellies

666th Necropass Mint

The energy gathered with the Necromancer Passes is now sufficient to keep the portal open. Public Rise & Mint of the Spookie Skellies Army can finally begin.

Road to Domination

50% Skellies Risen

As the Army of Skellis is growing in numbers we need to celebrate and dress accordingly. Merchandise for Spookie Skellies brand is going to be released and Prize of different kind (Rare Skellies & USDC) are gonna be airdropped to Random Holders.

Rise of The Necroz

100% Skellies Risen

The Army of the Dead has finally reached this plane with all its strength. More Airdrop to celebrate this incredible accomplishment. But that's just the beginning of the End: Rise of the Necroz development starts and the release of the $CALCIUM Token is planned

Rise of the Necroz is the upcoming P2E Game we are gonna develop based on the Spookie Skellies World & Lore when we reach the 100% milestone. Its mechanics are quite simple and you can collect and level up your Skellies to different gens with the $CALCIUM token (release TBD) while fighting other skellies on the blockchain.


In a true P2E fashion, you will be able to randomly fight other players on the blockchain who own a Spookie Skelly, combat system, ranking and gen level up system will be revealed as a Mint Out surprise.


While fighitng is nice, you know what is also nice? Staking. All of us degenerates know about it, but with Rise of the Necroz, you will have the possibility to stake your Skellies and earn $CALCIUM at different rates based on gen level and time multiplyers.


We plan on expanding the combat system with other collections and factions (Gnarly Ghouls anyone?). This is going to make fights more interesting and variegated where you can choose the appropriate follower to rise to the top of the Necrolords Ranks.

The Catalyst you need.


Legends say that the most powerful Necromancers draw their dark magic from ancient artifacts crafted bounding their souls with the ethereum plane.

Necropasses are the best Catalysts to channel your power and summon your army of Spookie Skellies. Only 666 are in existence and for merely 0.1Eth one of them could be yours.

Unsleash your inner magic with the Necropass and gain access to:

  • 1 Whitelist spot with 6 Mints (1 is free)
  • 1 future collections Free Airdrop
  • $CALCIUM Token Airdrop for Rise of The Necroz
  • Exclusive Merchandise
  • Early Access + Og Title for Rise of The Necroz
  • Future implementations TBD

Think Unique and be innovative.

Our Team


Tech Develompent

Table Top Game & MTG Enthusiast, System Master, dev extraordinare he's taking care of the dark magic behind the skellies rising.


Design & Art

Skeleton Master. More than 18 years experience as a UI/UX designer and creative director. Crypto Degenerate in the making.


Community & Marketing

Customer support professional with 5 years of marketing experience, Skellies trafficker aficionado.


Don't be spooked, we have all the answers.

The Spookie Skellies are a collection of 6666 unique Skellies NFTs who hang out in Spookie Catacombs on the ETH blockchain. Ownership includes creative & commercial rights of your Skellie.

The Spookie Skellies are going to escape soon. Launch is expected for Halloween. Stay tuned on Twitter and Discord for more updates!

0.1 ETH + gas

The Spookie Skellies will be available for purchase on our website through an initial sale. At the time of purchase, a randomly selected Spookie Skelly will be minted on the blockchain and delivered to your wallet.

Each Skelly is randomly generated by combining properties with varying rarities (Skull Design, Backgrounds, Eyes, Arms, Face Paints, Hats, Accessories, & many other rare unique additions). A rarity chart is gonna be released after mint.

In order to escape the curse chaining them to the Spookie Catacombs and reach the surface the skellies will need to open a portal. The more Spookie Skellies are summoned from the great beyond the more power they will be able to channel in the portal creation.

If the Spookie Skellies are a hit, Ideas for a limited edition custom merch (hoodies, coffee mugs, hats, coins etc) will be looked at. We would love to design personalized merch with your own Spookie Skelly!

Rise of the Necroz is the upcoming P2E Game we are gonna develop in partnership with a team of table top games experts, based on the Spookie Skellies World & Lore when we reach the 100% milestone. Teasers and preview for the game are gonna be shared as soon as the Mint process is completed. We are clearly evaluating introducing play-to-earn mechanics in true blockchain fashion.