Spookie Skellies / Necromancer Passes - Disclaimer

Ownership and Commercial Rights of Spookie Skellies / Necromancer Passes NFTs

By minting a Spookie Skelly / Necromancer Pass NFT from our smart contract, purchasing it off the secondary market (e.g. OpenSea), or otherwise acquiring the Spookie Skelly / Necromancer Pass through any other legitimate means or method, the Holder receives full and complete ownership, inclusive of commercial rights, to the NFT and the corresponding unique artwork. The License the Holder is receiving is solely for the Licensed NFT Spookie Skelly / Necromancer Pass which includes the right to use the Licensed NFT Spookie Skelly / Necromancer Pass and the right to reproduce the Licensed NFT Spookie Skelly / Necromancer Pass on tribute or derivative art, merchandise, or sharing these rights with third party projects. The Holder agrees not to use, utilize, portray, advertise, distribute or otherwise market any Spookie Skelly / Necromancer Pass in any project or derivative work that involves hate speech, racism, pornography, or any other illegal or unlawful content. Upon sale or transfer of the NFT, any ownership or commercial rights are immediately transferred to the new Holder. No refunds shall be issued to any Holder upon a full and complete lawful purchase of any NFT or Spookie Skelly / Necromancer Pass. In the event that any Holder purchases a Spookie Skelly / Necromancer Pass through the secondary market, such as OpenSea, Holder shall be held accountable and will be bound by the Terms of Service which govern said secondary market platform.

Art and Creative Design

Spookie Skellies / Necromancer Passes may bear elements of transformative fan art or caricatures which are rendered in good faith to add humor and satire to the project. Any Holder of a Spookie Skelly / Necromancer Pass bearing these elements has an individual responsibility to determine the appropriateness of subsequent usage. Any Attributes associated to a Spookie Skelly / Necromancer Pass is used as a parody. These attributes are not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated by any affiliated companies and/or third party licensors.

Limitations of Liability for Gas, Failed Transactions, Smart Contract Bugs

Participants in minting Spookie Skellies / Necromancer Passes NFTs agree to hold the project Creative Team harmless for any losses incurred as a consequence of minting an NFT. These potential losses include any gas fees for failed transactions, any excessive gas fees charged due to website or smart contract bugs, and any loss of any NFT due to website or smart contract bugs.

No Guarantees or Future Promises

While the Spookie Skellies Team have released a roadmap outlining future goals and plans for community development, we cannot guarantee to accomplish every item outlined during the pre-launch planning phase as ideas and projects evolve organically. You agree that your purchase of a Spookie Skelly / Necromancer Pass from our initial launch of 6,666 NFTs / 666 NFTs respectively is all you are guaranteed to receive with your initial purchase, whether through primary or secondary channels. Any future benefits are ancillary to this purchase and not to be taken into consideration with your initial purchase. You agree that you are not relying on any future commitments by The Spookie Skellies Team in using this site and participating in our NFT launch.

No Guarantees of Value

Spookie Skellies / Necromancer Passes were created purely as collectibles, not as investment vehicles or substitutes for cryptocurrency. We make absolutely no promise or guarantee that these NFTs will subsequently retain monetary value in fiat, cash or cryptocurrency.


Each Holder is solely and entirely responsible for any and all Federal or State tax liabilities which may arise, be imposed, or enforced as a result of minting or reselling Spookie Skelly / Necromancer Pass NFTs.

Class Action Waiver, Jurisdiction and Choice of Law

You agree to waive any class action status, and any legal dispute around the Spookie Skellies / Necromancer Passes project which you may choose to bring can only be done on an individual basis.

Privacy Policy

Spookie Skellies / Necromancer Passes will not collect any cookies, IP addresses, or user data in connection with your use of the website and app, with the exception of cookies related to browsing behavior for the Google analytics SEO which helps us enhance your experience with our site and relay visitor traffic statistics to the Google search engine. All project participants understand that the Ethereum blockchain network is a public blockchain, and all transaction history initiated through the website will be made public. Spookie Skellies / Necromancer Passes has no influence on secondary marketplaces, such as OpenSea which have independent terms of service agreed to by you, should you choose to utilize these sites. You also understand that Spookie Skellies / Necromancer Passes may work with third-party apps, such as Discord or Collab.Land, which collect and store user data. Should Spookie Skellies / Necromancer Passes be required to collect or store data for future activities such as merchandise launches or transfer of any benefits such as airdrops, you will be required to agree to the collection of this data. This provision may be subject to change, when deemed fit by the Spookie Skellies / Necromancer Passes team upon due notification to the end user.